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Screen Digital management expert
Provide software,hardware and product publicity solutions in an integrated manner
The first in China - "Golden Butler" service
China Commercial Display Leading Brand
Ranked No. 1 in China's digital signage market share for 13 consecutive years
Data source: 2021 DISCIEN Digital Signage Market Report
1,000,000 Units+
Number of management screens
100,000 +
Number of stores covered
2,000 +
Number of service outlets nationwide
17 Years
of service experience accumulation
Does your store exist?
Use screen content to attract customers into the store
Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase for Information Managers
Over 1,000 stores, differentiated management in different display areas
Brand discounts change fast
Store advertising screen data traceability
Use the screen to light up the store
Manage the screen well and enlarge the brand marketing scene infinitely
Store Type
Application scenarios, different marketing content, one person can easily control the screen of the brand store, and the efficiency is increased by 10 times.
Flagship Store
Specialty Store
Discount Store
Make the store display more lively and interesting
Show more details, give N reasons to place an order
Associated inventory product data, Instantly update product data, timely promotion.
Flexible screen, personalized design
The screen supports horizontal and vertical playback,
The screen is displayed flexibly, suitable for different scenarios.
The screen extends infinite space display
Unlimited expansion of product SKUs,
Open up online and offline shopping areas.
View store data anytime
Multi-dimensional analysis of store data allows thousands of stores to manage easily.
Smart Release Thousands stores
have thousands appearances
What you see is what you get
Class B store Class A store Discount Store Specialty Store Flagship Store
Different types of stores,
Unified management of devices
release of policies
Information security is more reliable
National Information Security Level Certification
Layer-by-layer encryption audit mechanism
Dynamic panel real-time monitoring
Operational data at a glance
Avoid personnel misoperation
and traceability of program content
Problem found Early warning Send repair Cloud Patrol Anomaly detection and repair, active offline service It is possible to view the screen status of all stores in real time. The cloud patrol store saves the operation and maintenance time.
Women's clothing store
Men's clothing store
Casual wear
Sports shoes
Maternity and baby shop
Children's clothing store
Trendy clothing
Home accessories store
Smart home
Diversified Scenario Application
Meet the needs of multi-industry store management
Trendy domestic products
Convenient supermarket
Dynamic creative content,
The store will be
"beautiful" immediately
Digital stores make the experience more extremely cool
Gold jewelry
Leather bags
Digital devices
Home textile
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Building materials
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